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Thermo-Lag E100

Advanced epoxy intumescent fire protection

Thermo-Lag E100 is an epoxy intumescent fireproofing system with an advanced formulation eliminating the need for a mesh reinforcement layer. It was specifically designed to provide 1-3 hour cellulosic fire protection for commercial structural steel. It is the ideal solution for both onsite and offsite application, providing the ultimate in design flexibility and enhanced project scheduling.

•Certified to UL 263 / ASTM E119 / NFPA 251
•Exterior and interior rated
•High quality aesthetic finish
•Does not require reinforcing mesh
•Low thickness requirements
•High build, fast recoat
•Saves application time, lowering installation cost
•Rugged durable material suitable for onsite or offsite applications
•LEED compliant, low VOC
•Low outgassing properties for clean room environments

Thermo-Lag E100 Collage 2

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