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Pyroclad X1

The Jet Fire Protection You Need From the Company You Trust

Pyroclad X1 is the latest breakthrough in epoxy based intumescent fireproofing technology. Pyroclad X1 is designed to provide both jet fire and hydrocarbon pool fire protection for oil and gas installations. This innovative new epoxy intumescent system withstands the harsh environmental conditions of coastal and offshore environments and successfully passed the NORSOK M-501 environmental test program without a topcoat. Its unsurpassed weathering characteristics ensures long performance and integrity of the system throughout the life span of the coating.

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- Pyroclad X1 Brochure
- Pyroclad X1 PDS


Excellent performance with long-term durability
  • Low Jet Fire and Hydro-Carbon Pool Fire Thickness Requirements
  • Successfully passed NORSOK M-501 Rev 5 System 5A without a topcoat
  • Low installed weight
  • High compressive strength
  • High Impact resistance
  • High Shore D hardness
Easy to apply
  • Consistent spray density / coverage rate
  • 1:1 Mix Ratio (Easier to confirm in the field)
  • Outstanding Sprayability
  • High Film Build
  • Fast recoat time
  • Fast curing time