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Carboline Launches New Ad Campaign: “History. Service. Innovation.”

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Carboline has launched a new global advertising campaign titled “History. Service. Innovation.” This campaign features three important characteristics of the company. Each of the three characteristics are highlighted in individual ads.

  1. History: Carboline was founded in 1947 in St. Louis when Stanley Lopata developed a product to solve a problem for a single customer. After almost 70 years, Carboline is still dedicated and committed to solving customers’ problems by providing high-performance coatings, linings and fireproofing products to 16 global markets.

Service: Carboline was founded on the concept of helping a customer, and it continues to find new ways to exceed customers’ expectations. Carboline’s history of success and expertise in the markets it serves has gained the trust of the world’s largest companies.

Innovation: Carboline has been at the forefront of many innovative technologies that have changed the protective coatings industry, and the company continues to find new opportunities to be innovative.

 “This campaign is about highlighting three important characteristics that we value as a company in an interesting way. The campaign features images from our archives that date back to the early 60's, all the way to current highly visible projects, with each ad in the series telling its own unique story. The old photographs are meant to demonstrate our long history in the industrial coatings market, the images of our signature red buckets and Carboline truck showcase our commitment to service, and our case histories illustrate our commitment to solving our customers’ problems in innovative ways.” - Melissa Bentley, Vice President of Global Communications.

This campaign will be run across print, digital, and social media outlets. Additionally, the photos used in the campaign are from Carboline projects, products and/or locations and will have a landing page on carboline.com for more information.

About Carboline Company

Carboline Company is a St. Louis-based coatings manufacturer with a global reach. They produce high quality performance coatings, linings and fireproofing products in more than 20 manufacturing facilities around the world. Carboline sees their cutting-edge research and development center as a reflection of their commitment to remaining at the forefront of the protective coatings industry. For more information visit www.carboline.com.

Media Contact:

Jane Woodall, 314-644-1000 x 2340, jwoodall@carboline.com


View PDF here.

Here are the ads in the series:

HSI ad image  HSI History_CZ11 image  HSI History_Bridge image  HSI History_Barge image  HSI History Powerplant ad image

HSI Service_Warehouse image  HSI Innov_760HB image  HSI Innov_TankShield image